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Our Approach

Our first step is to Listen.  We listen to you, and we listen to your numbers.  We want to understand your Business, your Why, your Vision, and your Frustrations. After a discovery meeting and our digital presence & competitor review, we propose a series of recommended action steps and the expectations for improvement.

Applying what we call, a Level Up Mindset, we look for what would provide a quick return on your investment (ROI) in any one of our service levels.  It may be that you only want to improve your marketing and that works for us.  It may be that you are sick of feeling like you're running on a treadmill (that won't stop), but found us because you were looking to outsource your bookkeeping, we can help with both.  Sometimes the ROI is clarity of your future finances and improved operational efficiency.  Other times your ROI is new revenue and cash-flow from customers/clients/patients.  Working with us at any level means that you have the resources available to understand and fit together the puzzle pieces that make up your business development roadmap, exit strategy, and lifestyle goals.

We will work with your budget and help you scale into other levels along the way, keeping the perspective of the forest rather than the trees.  By reviewing key revenue-driving areas we seek to recapture and repurpose inefficient cash-flow in the first 30-90 days.

I started SMB Strategy Consultants because it's just plain wrong that so many business owner's Vision and Exit Plan fail to materialize or takes years longer than it should.  When in reality, they run into the same failure points time and time again.

~ Corbin Cook, ASBC


Business Owners CollageThere's no question that small business owners are the economic heroes of the American success story. They have been the backbone of job creation and a powerhouse of innovation. The countless creative stories that come from small businesses are energizing and amazing.  With the sense of urgency that a burn rate brings to the table and the drive to be the best, they have transformed how we live our daily lives.

The stats on small business ownership tells us that 7 out of the 10 business owners pictured here won't fulfill anything close to their desired financial plan.  The reason we're told is that over 80% of small businesses that close their doors do so because of cash-flow issues, many of which could have been avoided.   

I believe that reliable bookkeeping and strategic financial data equips a business owner with a strong foundation by which to take proactive action. Without this foundation, one would likely feel like they were flying blind when making big decisions.  Quality data cuts through hope, qualifies intuition, and drives improvement month over month so that our customers become one of the 3 to achieve the business and lifestyle they set out to build. 

This is what we do at SMB Strategy Consultants.  Our mission is to empower you with good data and practical, proactive counsel.   


Corbin Cook

Virtual CFO, Certified Exit Plan Advisor (CEPA) & Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC)

Anna Parker-Hemming

Systems & Operational Improvement Specialist

Belinda Rodriguez headshot

Belinda Rodriguez

Director of Bookkeeping & Profit-First Consultants

Patricia Toledo Headshot

Patricia Toledo

Bookkeeper & QuickBooks Online Specialist

Marcus Ganzo

Marcus Ganzo

Virtual Staffing & Project Management

Geronimo Cruz

Gerry Cruz

Social Media & Video Editing Specialist

Headshot for Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy

Digital Marketing & Inbound Sales Specialist

Strategic Braintrust Members

Independent Businesses Serving the Business Community that We Trust

Ashley Cheeks

Business Plan Consultant, Specializing in Plans Written to Attract Investors

Jonathan Sparks

Business Attorney

Janice Cooley

Workforce Planning

Anthony Pantaleone

Employee Assessments

We maintain relationships with professionals in all areas of business support and when appropriate for our clients, we involve them in the process as Strategic Braintrust Members.  We also enjoy working with existing professionals that are doing a good job.  This allows for a coordinated approach rather than one where each professional is functioning as a silo. We work alongside you to lighten the burden of aligning the business vision with your professional advisors.

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