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Financial clarity, permanent profitability, and more control over your bottom line.  A dedicated cash-flow-focused bookkeeper to guide you to a healthier version of your business.  Multiple levels of engagement can include payroll, A/R & A/P services, budgeting, and weekly cash flow forecasting.

Virtual CFO

We work alongside you and your team to give you the ability to forecast and plan for what-if scenarios.  The saying goes that you want to work ON your business, not just in your business.  Not only will you understand your financials, but you will come to understand how to proactively use them.

Exit Planning

Every business owner will exit their business one day, but few exit the way they hoped.  To allow yourself to exit on your own terms, you need to first set the terms.  As a Certified Exit Plan Advisor, a CEPA, Corbin Cook has been trained to work with you in developing an exit plan strategy.

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Profit First Professionals

Trained to guide your business in profitable growth. But quite frankly, you should expect that from any business consultant you work with. What makes me unique is that I am trained, certified and have hands-on experience in guiding businesses to grow profitably. We thrive when you thrive.

  • Improved cash-flow clarity in a post Covid19 world
  • Quarterly Profit-First strategy meetings to stay on track
  • An orderly method to increase profitability

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