Your numbers are
talking to you
Give them a voice
you can understand
Be More Proactive and Less... ...Reactive The Digital Economy has changed
how your customers do business.

Time to catch up
Ever asked this of yourself? Design your exit strategy
& succession plan.
Prevent time from designing it for you
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YOU want to run a healthy business, achieve financial freedom, and one day EXIT on your terms. YOUR FAMILY just wants more time with you. 

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PROFIT FOUNDATION:  CASH-FLOW FOCUSED BOOKKEEPING.  Financial clarity, permanent profitability, and more control over your bottom line.  You'll have a dedicated bookkeeper and profit-first consultant to guide you to a healthier version of your business.

PROFIT-MINDED:  DISRUPTIVE MARKETING.  Your message has steep competition for attention.  To breakthrough, it must disrupt your audience, tickle their emotions, and drive them to take action.  We focus on these four areas:
1. Brand & Messaging
2. Digital Presence  
3. Inbound Sales
4. Outbound Sales  

PROFIT-MAX:  FRACTIONAL CFO. With a strong foundation, we work alongside you and your team to give you the ability to forecast and plan for what-if scenarios.  Reviewing your systems and employee roles we work with you to remove bottlenecks, delegate, and restore sanity.  Using the improvements in cash-flow to invest in the areas that allow you to scale.  There is a very bright light at the end of this tunnel. 

PROFIT-LIFE:  EXIT PLAN & VALUE BUILDING.  Every business owner will exit their business one day, but few exit the way they hoped.  To allow yourself to exit on your own terms, you need to first set the terms.  Our process will help you understand the variables that go into your successful exit and then work to systematically increase the value of your business.  Our process gives your exit plan flexibility and your successors a business that they will be proud of.


What does a Strategy Session look like? What should I expect if I answer the questions ahead of my FREE Strategy Session?

*Answer the questions that come with the session scheduler and during our strategy session, you'll learn exactly how healthy your business is currently and the Profit-First targets that can get you to, and keep you on the right track.

I look forward to your continued success,
Corbin Cook,
Business Owner & Fractional CFO


I am experienced and trained to guide businesses in profitable growth. But quite frankly, you should expect that from any business consultant you work with. What makes me unique is that I am trained, certified and have hands-on experience in guiding businesses to grow profitably.  We thrive when you thrive.



Our bookkeeping team is not your typical bookkeeper team. I am a Profit First Professional that understands that most businesses' financial plans fail due to cash-flow issues.  Our bookkeeping and cash-flow methodologies are designed to get you profitable and keep your business healthy.

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