We Partner with Small Business Owners to Unlock Their Next Level.

Like the evolution of the light bulb, we guide you and your business go from being effective at creating light, like the incandescent light bulb, to implementing a systematic approach of maximizing both profit and attractiveness to a potential buyer, more like the efficient LED bulb.

Other reasons clients work with us because they want improved control over areas of scalable growth, and cash flow.  They may be planning on selling the business in the next one to ten years and another may want to plan an extended vacation annually and not have the business decline.  Our step by step process guides you in improving the business so that you can enjoy the perks of being a business owner. 

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Next Level Catalysis

SMB Strategy Consultants works primarily with privately owned small businesses that want to accelerate their success.  Some of the areas that make an impact:

  • Increase bottom line profitability through improved efficiency,
  • Recapture cash-flow or find savings from over payments in property tax, lack of special tax credits, tax strategies, workers comp and merchant processing,
  • Improve systems to capture the ongoing tax credits & incentives,
  • Enhance understanding of the numbers to improve decision making,
  • Track success compared to industry benchmark,
  • Improve your top line revenue sales and marketing results,
  • Improve processes to make work life more productive and your employees more engaged,
  • Optimize your workforce to meet the objectives,
  • Protect the business from sinkholes of legal neglect and blind spots,
  • Improve employee benefits and retirement offerings and,
  • Build in automated systems that can allow you to be on vacation for three months and not have the business fall apart.
  • Provides a step by step process to maximize your exit strategy and business valuation

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