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Business Owners CollageThere's no question that small business owners are the economic heroes of the American success story. They have been the backbone of job creation and a powerhouse of innovation. The countless creative stories that come from small businesses are energizing and amazing.  With the sense of urgency that a burn rate brings to the table and the drive to be the best, they have transformed how we live our daily lives.

The stats on small business ownership tells us that 7 out of the 10 business owners pictured here won't fulfill anything close to their desired financial plan.  The reason we're told is that over 80% of small businesses that close their doors do so because of cash-flow issues, many of which could have been avoided.   

I believe that reliable bookkeeping and strategic financial data equips a business owner with a strong foundation by which to take proactive action. Without this foundation, one would likely feel like they were flying blind when making big decisions.  Quality data cuts through hope, qualifies intuition, and drives improvement month over month so that our customers become one of the 3 to achieve the business and lifestyle they set out to build. 

This is what we do at SMB Strategy Consultants.  Our mission is to empower you with good data and practical, proactive counsel.   

Dive right in and really get control over your business!   Start right now, click the button below and schedule a no cost 45-minute Strategy Session with me.

*Answer the questions that come with the session scheduler and during our strategy session, you'll learn exactly how healthy your business is currently and the Profit-First targets that can get you to, and keep you on the right track.

I look forward to your continued success,
Corbin Cook,
Business Owner & Outsourced CFO

YOU want to run a healthy business and one day exit on your terms; YOUR FAMILY just wants more time with you.  Engage with us today, and we’ll help you get there.


I am experienced and trained to guide businesses in profitable growth. But quite frankly, you should expect that from any business consultant you work with. What makes me unique is that I am trained, certified and have hands-on experience in guiding businesses to grow profitably. What this means for you, is that if I don't have the answer, I will find one for any challenge you face in growing profitability.

Certified Profit First Professional


This is not your typical bookkeeper team. I am a Certified Profit First Professional. Most businesses fail due to cash-flow issues.  Our cash-flow methodology is designed to get you profitable and keep your business healthy.


Not only do I coach Profit First, I live it. With a combination of direct hands-on experience increasing the profits for multiple businesses, access to profit specialists throughout the globe, and my partnership with the author of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz, means I have the strategies to make your business more profitable than it has ever been before. And I am ready to do it for you now.

Profit First Book Cover


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