Team Building With a Proven System

Team Building with a Proven System

Hiring and Team Development Assessments that Clarify the Pathway to Building the Right Team

SMB Strategy Consultants is a Talexes Alliance Partner. We’ve experienced, as I’m sure you have as well, that the quality and fit of your employees can make or break the financial health of your business.

We partnered with Talexes because they have over 40 years of experience helping companies hire the right talent. We have found that Talassure’s employee assessments provide accurate, concise information about a candidate’s reasoning ability, personality, and interests.

As a Talexes Alliance Partner, we have the ability to create for you a hiring and team development portal, where you can send assessments to potential candidates and your current team members.  In addition to providing the assessments, we work with you to determine which of the many reports is most appropriate for your needs and how to apply the system to your unique situation. 


Right Person ⇒ Right Position ⇒ Right Now

The next generation of assessments we offer, allows organizations to select the right employees for the right positions. We match candidates to roles using our custom Job Matching technology based on the job-specific characteristics most relevant to the position. We score the candidate against someone you already have on your team you would like to duplicate, or we can score them against an inventory of assessments that match the position you are working to develop.

Employee assessments developed by a team of leading psychometricians with decades of research, including Generation Z to Baby Boomers – making it the most up-to-date validation study on employee assessments in the industry. 

Our employee assessment solutions bring action-ready intelligence to all aspects of your selection and onboarding processes. Implement our assessment process to provide guidance to accelerate the hiring process and develop your team.

Use TalassureMX for hiring, onboarding, management development, and succession planning.

The fit between the employee and the job is critical to the success of your organization, and even more so when it comes to top-tier jobs. When it comes to hiring someone for a certain position, how can you know whether they will succeed? Mid-level managers aren’t always suited for promotion to upper management.

The TalassureMX assessment is a comprehensive, reliable tool that is used throughout the entire employee lifecycle. As a result of TalassureMX, upper-level professionals can gain objective insights into their underlying behavioral traits, occupational interests, and reasoning ability. You use this information to match specific people to specific jobs within your organization.


  • Candidate characteristics that make for effective hires at the upper levels

  • The degree to which an individual will be happy in an elevated role

  • The best way to engage your employees

Better selection is based on success patterns.

TalassureMX identifies the competencies required for successful performance using unique Success Patterns. Hiring Managers use these Success Patterns to select candidates with the highest success probability through a customized, comprehensive report.

TalassureMX provides insights that allow you to gain a complete understanding of a candidate beyond a strong resume or interview.  Using Success Patterns, candidates are matched with top-performing candidates in a position based on a job match percentage.

With better hiring knowledge, you’ll make better choices.