Strategy Session

Strategy Session

We work with you to organize and strategize the vision you have for your business or project.

We implement it over three phases:

Phase One:  Organize the vision and its variables in order toStrategy Session Helps to Break Free From the Stuck pinpoint what you really want to have happen.

Phase Two: Discuss the steps that screw the nuts and bolts together.  Examine what process and workflows will provide measurable results.  Establish standards for the product, service and/or results.  Refine the outlay required to execute.

Phase Three:  Set the action steps in motion by setting the expected milestones of accountability.  Create a written or recorded summary of the strategy session(s).  Ongoing meetings are available.

Who Is This A Fit For?

Do you run a business and relate to one or more of the statements below?

Current Business Position: 

  • Lacking structure from month to month.
  • Cash flow issues and concerns about the future
  • The business feels more like a job than a business
  • Lackluster strategic plan
  • Lacking forward momentum
  • Need an objective sounding board to explore an idea without judgement or concerning those involved
  • Want a starting place on revamping marketing
  • Desire to grow but not sure how
  • Not enough clients/customers to earn the desired income
  • Effective business ready to grow and scale to the next level
  • No objective business advisor

You may not be experiencing symptoms like the ones above but you realize that having a Strategy Consultant at this stage could accelerate your success.  We would love to understand your story and help you magnify your inner and outward greatness.

Below are a few statements that make up an ideal business position.  What would it mean to you and your business if you understood how to get from point A to point B?

Ideal Business Position:

  • Structure to activities and has direction for each day/week/month/year.
  • Using Industry Benchmark Comparisons to guides the owner to become part of the top 20% of their peers.
  • Cash flow is under control and has an upward trajectory alongside business growth.
  • Income level meeting or exceeding personal targets.
  • Ability to vacation for 2 weeks or more at a time.
  • Running a business with a road map to scale up over time, add employees and increase market share.
  • An understanding and integration of the eight key drivers of the Value Builder System into the overall business road map.
  • A Business Plan that provides a week to week, month to month scoreboard to track and measure the success and identifying problem areas proactively.
  • A marketing strategy designed to provide control over generating a steady stream of targeted new clients/customers.
  • A close relationship with their strategic business advisor with weekly or monthly meetings. Feels confident that they have someone to talk to that can provide direction and insight along the way.
  • Knowing how to build a business that can thrive with or without you.

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