Strategic Workforce Planning

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COOLEYHILL Consulting, Inc.

"A company’s ability to have ongoing success in the market place depends solely on the strength and abilities of their employees."  ~ Janice Lynn Cooley

As a Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) consultant, COOLEYHILL assists companies in identifying practices, processes and procedures within the business causing the conditions and then recommend and support implementation of potential solutions.

A company in need of SWP might be experiencing one or more of the following  conditions.

Symptoms of Workforce Problems:

  • Company continuously lags behind in market share and production and delivery of services resulting in loss of revenue
  • Organization business department heads are in constant struggle with HR to recruit new hires for their open positions in a timely manner in order to meet their needs
  • New hires are leaving soon after being hired
  • Long term employees are leaving
  • New hires ultimately do not have the right skills to do the job
  • Workforce is being reduced rapidly with baby-boomers retiring
  • Assessments to determine employee satisfaction with their job and the work environment are delivering low scores.
  • Budgets cannot accommodate hiring much needed new talent
  • Employees lack necessary skills needed to do their job effectively after organization changes have been implemented.
  • Executive leadership open positions are difficult to fill
  • Lack of diversity in key leadership and general staff positions
  • Difficulty finding new hires with the right skills

Imagine if your business was running on all cylinders, what would you accomplish?  COOLEYHILL provides a clear path to understanding and addressing workforce issues that may be keeping from running on all cylinders.

A Handful of Potential Solutions:

  • HR Leadership takes part in the organizations strategic business planning and goal setting process
  • Focus on employee development, training and succession planning
  • HR Analytics tools
  • Job descriptions reviewed for accuracy
  • Hiring tools, processes, procedures and techniques reviewed for possible modifications regularly
  • Potential outsourcing of roles and responsibilities
  • Building bench strength through Internships
  • Management training opportunities


Team Approach

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