Review Marketing and Reputation Management

In 2010 only 25% of people on a monthly or daily basis were comfortable finding a business to provide them a service using the internet.   Last year that number came back at 70%.

70% (7 out of 10) of our customers are comfortable using the internet to find businesses to spend their money with.  The traditional word of mouth is being replaced by customer reviews submitted on one of many review sites or social sites like Nextdoor or Facebook.

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The transformation of the digital revolution has made it impossible for service-based industries to ignore the need to systematically grow their number of customer reviews, manage them with responses and pay attention to the valuable feedback to drive opportunity and improvement.

To make it easy for you to fulfill this new requirement, SMB Strategy Consultants has partnered with the top Review Management Platform, BirdEye, to provide a comprehensive solution to take advantage of this clear trend.



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1. If you don't have a systematic way to request and receive customer reviews with a high response rate;

2. If you aren't responding to every review that gets left;

3. If you have negative reviews and don't know what to do  about them.

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