Sterlin Russell-Little



Picture of SterlinSterlin grew up in Roanoke, Virginia, and after graduating high school he later joined the United States Army. He dedicated six years of his life to serving our country, including a deployment to Afghanistan under the “Operation Enduring Freedom” campaign. After serving in the military, Sterlin attended the University of Memphis, where he played football, and finished up at Georgia State University, where he graduated with a degree in Finance.

Sterlin has always enjoyed helping people with their finances. He uses his life experience and his deep rooted values of discipline, integrity, and respect as he works with his clientele. Sterlin is committed to helping others achieve their personal and financial desires.

Sterlin recognizes that a strategy consultant is about helping the owner reinforce weak foundations, develop the right profit mentality, know what numbers are valuable and increase the bottom line value of their company. Many business owners know the success they're after but could use some help to achieve results.  We provide that help.

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