The Structure Behind Our S.E.M.P Process

S.E.M.P. Acronym for Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit

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The SMB Strategy Consultants BIG picture process is designed for the privately owned business with a minimum of three years of financial data and managing from ten up to one hundred employees.  We manage the process as a part-time CFO and strategic business advisor for a fraction of the cost hiring someone in-house.

The Benefits of Engaging the S.E.M.P Process:

  • Improved control over your cash flow & profitability
  • Operational intelligence to run the business proactively
  • Expense and savings evaluation to uncover immediate cash flow recapture
  • Improved protection for your business from known risks
  • Coordination with the Strategic Braintrust team and your key advisors
  • Improved operational efficiency to maximize your effort and your employee's effort
  • A milestone schedule of goals and improvement steps reflecting available time outlay and financial budgeting
  • A clear step by step process to build your business so that it warrants a premium exit strategy
  • More personal freedom through recognizing and moving away from the Owner's Trap.

By going through the S.E.M.P. step by step process you will unlock inefficient dollars, put them back to work efficiently and take control of weak processes. The end result is increased cash flow, better control over the business, proactive planning for retirement and improved lifestyle for the people you care about.

It delivers results in a way that is easy to understand and follow through on.   The implementation is best over 12 months.  This allows the process to not overwhelm the business with a burdensome time outlay.  We address the most pressing concerns upfront and then map out the remaining components to provide sustainability and maximum profits.  By following a structured format we keep the process flowing as we move through the three primary areas:

Financials  |  Protection | Strategy

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