The Profit Navigator System

As a Virtual CFO Our Role is to Profitably Navigate Your Business to it's Desired Destination

 A Company is in business to make a profit, its that simple.


To maximize the efforts you put into your business we begin with your financials.  You probably already realize that your numbers are trying to speak to you.  They provide you key operational intelligence.  When interpreted correctly they can even provide predictive capabilities.  What this means for how we work with clients is that we use a powerful software tool that allows us to interpret your financials and then provide you guidance on a proactive basis.   We give your financials a mega-phone to speak through.

The benefits of using our system is that you will have the tools and information to run your business more efficiently and more profitably.  You will become more proactive vs. reactive.  You will have the benefit of insight into what choice may be your optimal choice.  

This Operational Intelligence is the secret sauce to maximize how competitive you are, your cash flow and your bottom line profitability. 

We have found that without giving your financials a voice, decision making can be stressful and keep you up at night.  This service provides small businesses the operational intelligence typically reserved for larger companies.  By implementing this program you will be empowered to make decisions from a place of knowledge, perspective and control.

Monthly Compass Check

To work on the business, listening to what the financials are telling you becomes part of your business routine.  Initially the process focuses on problem areas, and if need be, stabilization.  After plugging profit leaks and relieving pain points the focus turns to control, optimization and efficiency.  Every month throughout the engagement we review and work on making sure your business in on the track you want it to be on.  Here are some of the key areas we work with you on during the Compass Check meetings:

  • Optimizing cash flow, 
  • Reviewing operational and marketing efficiency,
  • Reviewing variance between actual and forecast numbers,
  • Improving the industry benchmark comparison
  • Decision modeling to quantify choices and actions before you pull the trigger

By implementing this service you gain a process that yields you an increase in confidence, control and an accelerated pathway to the results you want.  Throughout the process we work closely with your other key advisors and enjoy seeing the impact that the coordination effect can have on your success.

If you would say that one of your goals is to maximize your profitability and business protection so that you can enjoy your business and enjoy your life outside of your business.  We can help.

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