Improve Your Cash Flow

Profit-First Your Bookkeeping

Traditional Accounting has us wondering why there’s not more profit year over year. This program empowers you to flip the script and get control over your PROFITABILITY and your CASH-FLOW!

Yes! Improve My Cash Flow

Profit First Bookkeeping is a full service bookkeeping engagement that encourages you to continue “bank balance accounting” by first allocating money to a profit account and then to other separate bank accounts) so that you see your TRUE CASH-FLOW and understand what to do to increase it step by step. The small behavioral changes that we recommend will have a transformative impact on your business in 2021!

Why do we say

“where did all the money go?”

Author and historian C. Northcote Parkinson theorized that our demand for a resource increases to meet the supply of it. That is why when we are given two weeks to do a project, it takes two weeks, and when we are given eight weeks to do the same project, it takes eight weeks.

That is why when given $1,000 to complete our work, we get it done with $1,000, and when given $10,000 to complete the same work, it takes $10,000.

Through our Profit-First Bookkeeping Program we’ll help you leverage this truth and uncover your growth path for sustainable profits.

This could be your best year ever.

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Traditional Bookkeeping

  • Document Financial Transactions
  • Document Deposits
  • Track Receivables
  • Track Payables

  • Manage Payroll
  • Maintain a weekly updated P&L and Balance Sheet

  • Reconcile bank statements to accounting software

  • Create and maintain a budget/projection

  • Review monthly actuals compared to expected budget

Profit-First Bookkeeping

  • Traditional Bookkeeping +
  • Improved cash-flow clarity in a post Covid-19 world
  • An orderly method to increase profitability
  • A system for managing expenses

  • Quarterly Profit-First strategy meetings to stay on track
  • Cash-flow forecasting
  • Sustainable growth planning
  • Industry and peer financial comparison

  • Marketing spend and effectiveness analysis
  • A financial team available to support you in building a healthy business as you grow


Our pricing model is designed to adjust to fit the needs and goals of the business. Bookkeeping services range between $495 – $1,500+ monthly. Typically, there is an initial setup/update/historical cleanup as a one-time investment in your business. Industry reports and non-bookkeeping Profit-First implementations are available to support the efforts of an in-house team looking for resources. The best fit for your business will be discussed during your strategy session.

This Is Your Defining Moment

Yes! Improve My Cash Flow

Make This Your Best Year Ever!