Corbin Cook

Corbin Hosting PMB Podcast

Having over a decade of experience in the financial industry taught Corbin the importance of being proactive to defend and grow a business. He has seen that business owner neglect usually leads to bigger problems down the road.  SMB Strategy Consultants was created as a company and process separate from his traditional financial services that focuses on improving the business's bottom line today and when it's time to exit.  SMB Strategy Consultants not only helps to reduce risk but is a company dedicated to creating strategic advantages for business owners that want to work on their business.

Throughout the last decade, he has seen success and seen terrible pitfalls. Between the Government, the IRS, Banks, Wall Street, bad habits, bad employees, blind spots, business sinkholes and there are many things that can create roadblocks along the path to financial success.

He's focused on business owners because he understands the massive risk they take for their family, their employees and their financial future. The SBA tells us that 67% or more small businesses will fail before getting to the ten-year marker, and it doesn't get easier beyond that. That’s only a 33% success rate…and that might be generous.  If that's not bad enough the challenge of selling a business in the future with the Baby Boomer transition is only getting more difficult.

Through SMB Strategy Consultants, Corbin guides small and mid-size business owners to increase their bottom line and build their business into one they can rely on for retirement. Using Corbin's tools and strategies the risk inherent to small businesses is massively reduced.
Corbin is a certified small business consultant (ASBC) through the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC) and a Certified Profit First Professional.  Corbin has also aligned himself with other experts as key advisors in the areas of accounting, operations, marketing, insurance, and commercial lending.  Corbin holds his Series 66 in the State of GA and his insurance licenses in the state of GA and FL.
SMB Strategy Consultants provides the business owner an affordable step by step process to increase profitability and systematically build their business wealth and retire on their own terms.
Corbin was born and raised in Atlanta and now lives with his lovely wife Michelle and son Thomas in East Cobb. One of their favorite things to do on the weekends is to take advantage of the cool things to do at Marietta Square (Thomas goes bonkers for the trains).  When it's not so hot they enjoy the hiking trails available all over Georgia.
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