Competitive Analysis & Market Research Services 

Develop, refine, and analyze various market research components at the depth needed for guided decision making. This package combines a business plan strategy for tapping into new markets with the analyst approach for growing existing businesses. Identifying and organizing the market in a way so that business owners can make smart and informed decisions about their company’s growth potential within the desired market.

The Market Analysis Package:  

Available exclusively to SMB Strategy Consultants clientele, the Market Analysis Package includes the following:

  • Macro Market Analysis
  • Micro / Local Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Demographic Profiling
  • Marketing & Advertising Efficiency Analysis

This package will reveal the fullest picture for your industry and operating space from an unbiased view so you can honestly and clearly understand where your business can bring more value and grow at the pace and in the direction you need. Use the Market Analysis Package to:

  • Learn about external factors that will impact your business directly and indirectly, including legal and environmental shifts
  • Understand exactly who your current and potential competitors are
  • Capitalize on the areas where your competitors are falling short and where they are excelling
  • Develop your own marketing plan based on intelligent advertising analysis with specific explanations to what your competitors are doing to get customers and whether there are more efficient ways to acquire customers in your space


This is the perfect solution for any business that is planning to grow or expand in the next 1-5 years.

Strategic growth plans that include objective and holistic views of the market have a higher chance of succeeding without the bias of being too close to operations to understand the “big picture”.

The Market Analysis Package is an expert option that is 100% customized and ties in perfectly with your growth plan while aligning with the strategic business principles that SMB Strategy Consultants advocates.

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