Anna Parker-Hemming

Anna Parker-Hemming, Business Strategist

You're passionate about your business and want to take it to the next level.  I can help you achieve your vision by providing practical solutions to the challenge’s businesses face on a daily basis.

Having worked for national and international corporations for nearly 20 years I left the office behind to provide much-needed support to my husband's pressure washing business.  I was able to apply my project management, continuous improvement, and data analysis skills to achieve significant growth in just a few months.  This noticeable success meant I was continually approached by other business owners to help them achieve similar results, and so I founded Deeping Business Development.  Working together with SMB Strategy Consultants provides a dynamic team approach that delivers measurable results in the areas of profitability, operational efficiency, and marketing.

Identifying the challenges is only the beginning.  Finding the right solutions, implementing them and monitoring their success takes time many business owners do not have.  I am able to work with Business Owners, and their employees, to solve the problems they are facing and set them up for a future of success, with less stress.

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